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Lamancha Herdsires, Semen

Semen for sale,  please see below to see bucks we own/have owned...  Prices listed are for 5 straws unless otherwise noted.
Trying to thin out our tank some...   I can deliver for free to  Red Bluff Goat Day in 2013.    Prearranged farm pickups also can be arranged.  Shipments by your arrangement and shipper (clear dates through me first to be sure I'm in town).  I do not own a shipper tank.
All semen (EXCEPT Valiant and Wildwood) I can offer a 25% discount on 10 straws or more total purchase (can mix and match in 5 straw lots).  Sold in lots of 5 straws, unless there is less than that in the goblet.

Coastside Beachcomber 2 straws $90  lamancha
Me's Ranch Touch of Class  $150  lamancha
CH +B Fir Meadow Tob V LA 91 EEE (rosine son) $100 (2yo LA 90 daughter in the herd, he is now in Canada) lamancha
White Hawk Tyson's Victory (dtr in herd LA 92E's, 15-16#milk, GCH, BDIS)    $100  togg
White Hawk Fabio's Pegasus (dtr in herd LA 91/90, 7th Nats, breedleader, BUIS, BDIS)  $125  togg
Winterwood D Tornado $75  lamancha
Coastside Seawolf $250  lamancha
Moss Ridge Marquis Jaquet (dam,gdam LA 92) $75 togg
Lucky Star's TR Vector $75  (on our website) lamancha
CH Fir Meadow Rasc Zabulon (3x BBIS at 2, fancy udders) dam is Virtue- fancy daughter of Pegasus above) llamancha
*B Ch South Fork TW Teton $90  lamancha
*B Rockin CB Emilio's Majestic $50  adds size, UDDERS
SGCH +*B Fir Meadow Soon Valiant LA 91EEE  several BIS.  Several SGCH progeny, LA 91 & LA 92, MANY BIS/BUIS. $150 lamancha
+*B Tempo Philippe $100 dairies up does nicely, lots of milk, solid pedigree   lamancha
Becca's Too Hot To Handle - spotlight sale buck gave Rocky Run some nice daughters.   4 straws $120  lamancha
Quixote Monet-  lovely buck, lots of blue roan daughters, $150 lamancha
CH or GCh *B Fir Meadow Soon Wildwood LA 90 or 91. $125.  amazing milking, uddered showy daughters in the Forrest Pride Herd.  Too related for us to use much here.  lamancha.  full sister was our 2004 spotlight sale doeling, who is sgch/LA90or 91, 3000# milker. 
White hawk Maxim's Don Juan $75  behind much of the White Hawk herd and Evie's Togg's herd.   4 straws.  toggenburg.
Eder's Cracker Jack $100  some beautiful daughters toggenburg.
Amberwood Commander's Courier $75    Mi Rosine is linebred on him.  lamancha
+B GCH Rocky Run Alex's Exclusive ( Dutch Belted)  "Ex-Man" $100

Yearling Valiant 88 VVE

May 2008 2 x Best Buck in Show 3 years old

Valiant's 2008 Sr Get- 6 to 9 days fresh

SGCH +*B Fir Meadow Soon Valiant  ELITE SIRE   DNA
3-05 LA 91EEE dob 2/23/05  L1348905 1-07 88 VVE  2-04 VEE 87,  1 x GCH, 1 x RGCH in 07 as a 2yo buck  Sire of 2007 All American Get of Sire (American Lamancha Club)  FANCY UDDER BUCK!!!  Without a doubt, Valiant is the best buck we have had the priviledge of owning...   2008 Reserve All American 3 year old buck- American Lamancha Club!  His daughter, Whimsical,  is All American 2 year old!  2009 2x Best of Breed, Tob V got the 3rd one.
**5/3/08  3x GCH, 2 x BOB, 2x Best Buck in Show**
ADGA Sire Development Program  ETA  2:1 50, 1:2 80
2008 Elite Sire Listing for ADGA- top 5 percentile
2009: Daughter Wiese finsihes and now pending SGCH with 2 BDIS and 1 BUIS win! 2yo daughter Xochitl going BUOB and RGCH, 3yo daughter Whimsical going 1x GCH, BOB, BUOB and BUIS.
2010- 1 X BOB at the Mega Bucks show,  even at 5 years old and being a large buck,  he is still holding up well and maintaining strong pasterns...
2010,  Valiant now has 3 daughters in the herd that are SGCH and all three have BDIS wins.
2010  Valiant has been named the 2010 Complete Buck for the American Lamancha Club!   The complete award takes into account his show and appraisal records AND the show, milk, and appraisal records of his progeny.   It's a recognition for his contribution to the breed.    Thank-You Jesus for creating him and then gifting him to us.
Now 3yo daughter Whimsical is pending her SGCH.  That makes two daughters finishing, and Valiant is only a 4yo.   2yo daughter Xochi is picking up milking reserves...
2009- LA scores on daughters- yearlings: Yakkie 86 VVVV,  Yarrow VVVE 87, 2yo Xochitl 91 EEVE, 3yo Wiese 91 EEEE,  3yo Whimsical 92 EEEE- this represents 4 different damlines...
2010- 2009 All American Senior Get of Sire,  daughter Yarrow is Reserve All American Milking Yearling. 
The Reserve All American Produce of dam also are both his daughters.
Tie for All American Reserve 3 - 4 yo Buck!
s- SGCH +*B Windysprings Monsoon LA 91 see above
d- SGCH Calico Bluffs Tuckers Blondie 3*M FS 90VEEE
     All American Reserve 4yo milker, 2 x 3000# milk, breedleader butterfat, 7th int kid at 98 nationals, BOB, 99th % USDA Elite does summary
12 Udders so far we've seen/been told about- 11 wow, one good  (8 damlines).   They are MILKY with higher butterfat and a breeze to milk, with great temperments...  The foreudder blending on his daughters is WOW,  and they appear to be prettier in shape, improvement in teat size (either larger/smaller whatever is needed) and beautiful rear attachment.   Add that to what we learned the past 2 years- that he is stamping in beautiful general appearance (it seems no matter the damline), nice dairy character, and size- and you can see how excited we are to have this buck in our herd!
A strong, yet dairy, nice buck. Uphill with a pretty front end and correct/wide leg set and open escutcheon arch.  This buck definately gets his full 2 points for stature!    In 2004 he had 2 paternal sisters in the Spotlight sale.  2006 gave us several lovely daughters on the ground, including a 1st place jr get to show at the D7 lamancha specialty and at Oregon State Fair.  He had 2 x 1st in at the Mega Bucks show in Central Point in '06 after a 13 1/2 hour haul while I was farm shopping down here.   His son,  Thrill!, has 3 jr ch for his owner. Son, Worthy of Honor, has a RGCH in as a buckling!  His maternal sister,  Calico Bluff's Velvet Rose was #1 on the breedleader list.    Several of Valiant's daughters are grabbing  GCH and RGCH in 06 and 07, 08, 09.  Two daughters with 4x  BJDIS.  About 11 GCh on the 3 daughters in our herd, including Oregon State Fair BJDIS, GCH, RGCH and Jr get of sire (through 2007 I haven't counted since then).     The Sr get above were all 1st fresheners- 9 days, 6 days, 8 days fresh, about 12 1/2 hours of milk....   Semen is available from us.  (Biogenics sold out).  $150 per 5 straws.    1st place jr AND sr get of sire- 2008 District 7 Specialty and Oregon State Fair. First sr at 2009 Or State Fair, did not have a jr get to enter. 
In the herd see Whimsical, Wiese, Xochitl, Yarrow, Aiyana- those are 4 damlines...   The oldest 4 does in this list are all LA 91 EEEE or higher!  Aiyana, yearling and 2yo scores at 89.  3 have had best udder in show wins, 3 have had best sr doe in show wins.

Valiant's youtube video of him in his stall spring 2006. six years old.

Luey know's he's a fancy boy!

Nice long bone pattern with plenty of balance of structure

*B Fir Meadow Cor Exclusive 3/23/14  light red RETAINED for jr herdsire
s- *B Fir Meadow Cor Coriander (SG Enzian - SGCH Wiese- SGCH Rosine- SGCH Lucky Star Nasturium)
d- GCH Fir Meadow Val Yarrow 5*M BUIS  BOB (dam Rosemary 2 GCH legs, many rgch, LA 90 at 8)
For years I have been saying that I need to keep a buck out of Yarrow.  She is everything the LaMancha was developed for: high butterfat, great temperment and manners, consistent strong milking lactations, hardiness and ease of maintenance.  This doe is overweight on hardly any grain yet she is very dairy when you look at her and get your hands on her.  I'm  hoping she passes on some level of her feed efficiency on through her very beautiful son.  "Lew" is a very balanced, correct and masculine looking buck who is very flat boned, stretching skin, wiiiiide ribbing yet with all the strength you want in dairy character.  He reminds me a WHOLE LOT of his grandsire Valiant at this age.  Valiant is also his great grandsire on his sire's side and of course I'm pulling Rosine (great great granddam) back in from several generations back to thread through the herd again. We are so thankful to have him!

Daniel 1yo Aug 2014

Daniel 8 25 2014

*B Tempo CAI Daniel  dob 3/13/2013  
s- *B Lucky's Star's ___ Cai  L1585890 (dam Vivian LA93)-, also LA93 RCB Prankster in the background)
d- SGCH Tempo Hannah 5*M 5-03 LA 91EEEV L1389780  can we say LOVELY SMOOTH blended doe :)
This beautiful, balanced, strong buckling ties in very very nicely into our herd in several places quite a few generations back,  with lots of new blood sprinkled in in between.  He also has a quiet, easy going temperment, which we prize.   We are looking for the conformational and pedigree integrity and consistency of Daniel to continue in our quest to provide sound, long lived, productive LaManchas that are a credit to the breed.  Lucky Star also has a Hannah son that is producing many fine E mammaries that milk well,  we expect Cai to contribute in this manner also.    The older he gets, the prettier he matures.  We just absolutely love this buck.  He streched himself too far foward reaching for hay- his front legs do line up under his withers (something I am PICKY about).  He has some of the tighest strongest upright pasterns I have seen on a buck, very open, plenty of bone,  very uphill and smooth shouldered and that fancy topline ending in a very very beautiful rump and escutcheon arch.  Body clipped him in August 2014 due to our very hot summer,  he just calmly stood there and visited with my husband as he held him while I clipped.  No need to tie him up or put him in a stancion.  We love this quality.
First kids on the ground in 2014.  Absolutely beautiful and wonderful temperments too!    I didn't get to show in 2014,  but his daughter whom we sold,  Fir Meadow DNL Elegance did and she went GCH and BJDIS in August 2014 in NE Washington state!  Way to go Ellie and her owner Kristie.  Looking for more great things from Daniel.

*B Fir Meadow Val Abraham 2010 buck  light red
s- SGCH +*B Fir Meadow Soon Valiant LA 91EEE BIS x 3
d- SGCH FIr Meadow Mi Rosine 2*M LA 92EEEE  2009 nationals high milk record, high lifetime milk and high butterfat record,  over 26000 lifetime milk,  2x breedleader, many over 3000# lactations, 2 over 4000#.
We are so incredibly excited to have our son back from Justine Norquist who had him for a few years.  From our most consistent LA 91 and 92  and multipe BIS BUIS winning breeding.   I will be working with him on a structural pelvis injury that happened to him winter of 2010, so he has not been shown.  He is simply GORGEOUS!  He does have many beautiful kids and grandkids in Justine's herd.

Coriander 2yo Enzian son

Coriander Spring 2014

Fir Meadow Cor Coriander  sundgau 2012 buckling
s- *B Fir Meadow Val Be Courageous (sire and dam both LA 91EEE/E)
d- Fir Meadow Alp Blau Enzian  (looks extremly similar to grandam Rosine).
0-02 EcVV, V overall
Our lovely Valiant grandson that we are excited to use. His paternal grandam brings us in some fresh blood- still Fir Meadow, but not threaded though the herd yet (but LA 91 & 92). Lots of substance yet nicely dairy and correct with a beautiful front end, rump, it's all there.  He is linebred on Valiant and will tie back into Rosine on most of our herd, but not too close.   If my herd was not so small I don't believe I'd ever sell this buck.  It looks like he's going to be at a friends for a few years and then perhaps we'll have him back.   I am keeping his 2014 gorgeous son Exclusive ( by Yarrow) to thread back through our herd.   Coriander is now living in a friend's herd and may come back home in a few years if I can use him again.  I really absolutely love his kids and kept his 2014 son,  Exclusive for a new jr herdsire.   I also have two 2014 daughters in the herd.

*B Fir Meadow Val Be Courageous 3/29/11
s- SGCH +*B Fir Meadow Soon Valiant LA 91EEE BBIS wins (sire LA91,damLA90)
d- Fir Meadow Vec With Rejoicing 2*M LA 91EEEE (dam LA 92)
YS 0-04 VEcEc,V overall
This beautiful black and tan buckling has caught my eye for quite some time.  Since Coury's sire is now 6 (considered older for a buck) and his dam is largely unrelated to the rest of my herd he is a natural genetic pick to work with as well as to have a live backup for his sire.  His name comes from Joshua in the Bible where he is encouraged to 'Be strong and courageous' multiple times.  Plenty of strength of pedigree behind this boy.
We had sold Coury.  He is here for reference.    Coury has Ec kids!   If we didn't have such a small herd I would have loved to keep this boy,  but thankfully we have his 2012 son by Enzian, Coriander, who in turn is giving us lovely kids.

Reference, semen available on some.

August 2010 Zal


 2/20/09   *B Fir Meadow Re Zalvation AI-   SOLD- here for reference.   we love this buck, his kids and the first udders, but he is too related to use very much here. 
2009 buck  ss- +*B Windstar Mitch (dam SGCH Windstar Notta Shy Anne _*M, BOB- Cal State, Or State, Wa State, LA 91, 2x breedleader).
s- *B Fir Meadow Mi Redemption, GCH D8 specialty
  sd- GCH Rocky Run Ex Windsong _*M LA 90VEEE
  ss-  SGCH +*B  Fir Meadow Soon Valiant LA 91EEE
d- SGCH Fir Meadow Val Xochitl 3*M LA 92EEEE  4x BUOB,  5x BOB,  2 x RGCH, 3x GCH, 3 x BDIS
  dd- SGCH Fir Meadow Mi Rosine 2*M LA 92EEEE, Breedleader
1-07 LA 86 +EV Sept 2010
Dam, Xochi, has finished her championship at 2 years old, including some BOB and BUOB wins, 6th place at nationals and already LA 91 EEVE (2011 LA 92EEEE)!   Now in 2010 has added more Best udder of breed wins and Best Doe in Show wins under 3 different judges, 3 different days,  with some of the West Coast's best breeders at the first show.    Zalvation is linebred on Windstar Mitch, and he reminds Kat A LOT of him!  God willing, we are expecting good things to come from this well bred buck- Going back 4 generations we have 5 breedleaders here.  He him self has a pretty lamancha head, sharp withers, standing uphill with correct leg placement and nice length and strength of bone and a really high and really wide escutcheon arch....
Spring 2010 update- We are REALLY liking Zal's kids- they are coming out real nice and level like Xochitl all the way through to the rump!  Even with different damlines.  We are keeping a jr get!   Now 2 1/2 months after his kids are on the ground,  and we still REALLY like them.   Beautiful Beautiful they are exactly what we've been trying to achieve for type and general appearance/dairy character yet maintaining and regaining nice breed type...  See his daughters on our doeling page.   Daughter Anise has her GCH dry leg in.
I should  have kep this buck...  I hope to keep a grandson at some point...

two year old photo

CH *B Fir Meadow Tob_V     Sold- Now in Canada - here for reference . We do have semen for sale  dob 3/12/05 L1326404   DNA     1-06 LA 86 VVV  1x 1st, 2 x 2nd @ 2yrs old  2-03 LA 90 EVE   3- LA 88  Reserve All American 2yo Buck!   1 x BOB over Valiant.  1 x Best Buck in Show 2009 Megabucks show.
Maternal sisters: GCH and SGCH, LA 91, 3000# milk projected on 1, BIS, BUIS wins.   See Xochi, Wiese.
2009 LA 4-03 91 EEE   We knew you could do it!
s- *B South Fork TTN Tobiah  (see in reference)
d- SGCH Fir Meadow Mi Rosine 2*M LA 90 EEVE at 2, 3000#milker
     All American Reserve Yearling milker (tie)   7 years old- LA 92 EEEE,  milk #4090 in progress, milk awards at National Show, Breedleader.
Tob looks very similar to his sire Tobi.  We are very pleased with his consistency for the dairyness and length, legs, and strong toplines on his kids.   His son,  Worthy went 2x jr Ch for his owner at the Mega Bucks show. His maternal brother,  Thrill! has several jr champions to his credit in '06 for his owner. One of his daughters went GCH for her dry leg at the District 7 lamancha speicialty in '06.   Tob is a very well balanced and sharp/smooth front ended buck and is very prepotent for his type, and we've been told that his sons are prepotent for the same type as well.   Semen is available for sale on the farm & can transport to shows.  5 straws for $100.  First daughter udder is in (May 21, 07) and we like what we see- tons and tons and tons of attachment, nice medial, and smooothly blending into everywhere- a nice improvement on the dam's udder.  See tWinkletoes.    I have 2 maternal sisters of his- see Wiese (BJDIS) and Xochitl 2x rgch...  Lots of consistency behind him...   We have been breeding Tob to our Valiant daughters for 08 kids,  and the first 08 kids are GORGEOUS!   This is a cross we plan to continue.   2 daughters in milk so far from two totally unrelated damlines (1 lm, 1 experiemental) and wow, consistent glued on beautiful mammaries- high, smooth, and wide.   Looking like we have ourselves another udder buck :).    We are hanging onto a Tob V son out of Whimsical for now to watch.  We have so many Valiant daughters now that we are starting to keep some Tob V daughters.   One by Whimsical and one by Wiese in 09.  Took him to the buck show in '09 needing all 3 GCH legs.   Wow,  he got them & one BBIS too !  God keeps blessing...   His baby son by Whimsical was 2x 1st and then LA YS VecV, V overall.  His Whim. daughter has her GCH dry leg in.
We had a buyer from Canada (BC) inquire about him and purchase him- Dec 09.   Though we'd love to keep him,   we didn't use him enough due to relatedness here, to justify keeping him.   He'll get some good use up north, and we're excited to contribute to the genetics in Canada.     We do have him in the tank (Biogenics collected) and can sell some of our semen on him.
We have 2010 son,  Adonai, in the herd for a new herdsire.   TobV's daughter, Annabelle, has her GCH dry leg in.


SGCH  +*B Windysprings Monsoon  AL1136162 lt red with white markings      DNA Typed  Using Via AI
4-07 & 5-06  LA 91 EEE under 2 appraisers!  
   ss- *B Lucky Star's F Kernal 2-03 90 VEE
s-*B Windysprings LSK Moonshiner 1-04 88 EEV
  sd- Windysprings Magic Sea Shine 6*M 90 VEEE  (Seawolf daughter)
  ds-++*B Coastside M Seawolf 5-03 90 EEV 
d-SG Windysprings Merry Sea Breeze 5*M 3-06 91 EEEE 3000# milk
  dd- SG Windy Springs SQ Merry Maker 4*M 6-03 +VEE (dam is 90 (90-90-90-90))
Monsoon  is linebred on ++*B Coastside SeaWolf 5-03 90 EEV (Nautie Wylea son). He has several daughters in the Rockin CB herd with fabulous mammaries fore and rear, slight increases in milk, increases in stature.   He has at least 3 GCH daughters in Washington & they LA 90 to LA93.   This is a lovely boy on the move.  '04 daughters Trillium & Rockin CB I'm A Trickster were both in the ADGA '04 Spotlight Sale.  This buck already has been a positive contributor to the breed both for milk and show.  View daughters in our herd: Schemer, Vivace, Veilchen, & Vivienne. They are consistently long, tall, flat and wide rumped with outstanding wide escutcheon arches and correct leg sets- and some pretty lamancha faces too.  We regret announcing that we lost Monsoon to a severe case of Pneumonia on 8/20/05.   We will continue his legacy via his 2 sons Valiant & Wildwood, his 4 daughters and via ai.  All semen on this buck is sold out.  LOTS of grandkids on the ground in '06 & '07 and are they ever pretty! Semen available on both sons.

What A Dude!

He could be yours!

*B Fir Meadow Soon Wildwood AI   semen for sale 5 for $100-red and white pinto Feb 06  ADGA Sire Development Program  V+Ec, V overall 0-07    1-04 VVV 86!  3-0 LA 90
3 ring, 3 times 1st place Mega Bucks Show 5/3/08
2009- GCH at District 5 Lamancha specialty and LA 90
s- SGCH +*B Windysprings Monsoon LA 91 EEE
d- SGCH Lucky Star's QK Nasturium LA 93 @ 4, FS 91
breedleader x 4,  3000# milk 6 years in a row, 305 3700 102 100 highest mlk, 4th '05 Nationals
Wildwood Semen for sale.  First kids are lovely- daughter Kopper has gone BJDIS, daughter Posey jr rch.   2008 daughter Glorious several 2nds in very tough competition.  $100 per 5 straws of semen.
3 x 1st place 2008 Mega Bucks show as a 2yo!
Wow.  Two very consistent lines packed together into this very very very  beautiful buckling right down to temperment and breed character!  We had him nominated for the spotlight sale and when they decided to accept other animals we really were not disappointed- trying to find a buckling of this quality of background in proven broodstock to purchase is nearly impossible!  His full 2004 sister and a paternal sister were in the Spotlight sale. full sister, Veilchen won the ai futurity in Deer Park wa, as a kid, and littermate sister, Wisteria, earned a milking GCH :O).  Littermate brother LA score 90EEE at 2 years old.    Wildwood now resides with Forrest Pride in Missouri, we still have semen for sale.   To date (2013) he has been the best udder buck that Forrest Pride has had.

Yearling Xonnie

*B Fir Meadow Val Xonerate  Feb 2007 buck 3 x 1st place yearling Mega Bucks show...  sold.  semen for sale 5 for $80.
s- SGCH+ *B Fir Meadow Soon Valiant (see above) LA91EEE
d- SGCH Fir Meadow Mi Rosine 2*M FS90  3 x 3000# 9X BOB, several BUOB
Such a beautiful black and tan buckling we can't resist using him on several of our doelings this year since he is still here.   I do not like squishing doelings with 200 to 250+ lb herdsires to breed them,   so am happy to use this very beautiful buckling.   His full sister from last year has two BJDIS on her and several GCH.  His littermate sister, Xochitl, has 1 GCh and 3 RGCH on her as well. As consistent as his sire has been and his damline is we think he's a winner.   His name means to "unburden" .  His littermate sister (Xochitl) remains in the herd and is undefeated as a yearling milker, his full sis, Wiese was 2x BJDIS and has a 2yo GCH in.  His daughter, Yesenia, has her GCH dry leg in adn freshened with a mammary consistent with Valiant mammaries.   Semen will be for sale pending a successful collection-  5 straws for $80.   Daughter Yodel freshened in our herd showing me that I am SO GLAD I have semen on this buck.  Gorgeous and soft milky mammary.

Vector 2 years old

2005 Reserve National Champ- Grandam
granddam Krystal- 2005 Reserve National Champion

*B Lucky Star's TR Vector  April 2005 2-002 LA 88VVE
 ss- GCH ++*B Quixote Kate's Kareem LA 90
s- *B Tempo Notta Ross LA
 sd- GCH Windstar Notta Shy Anne 2*M LA 91 @ 9, 2x breedleader, 3rd 1999 Nationals,
  ds- Quixote Jo's Monet LA 90
d- SGCH Lucky Stars QM Paradigm 3*M, LA 92, current- 2nd breedleader over 3500# milk
  dd- GCH Lucky Star's Krystal F Krystal 2*M, LA 92, 4-11 3060 milk,2005 Reserve National Champion, Total Performer 2005 Nationals
Lucky Star had planned on keeping this buck for their herdsire,  but when seeing they had too many bucks, decided to let go of the most closely related buck to their herd.  His line is very strong for milk and show and appraisal and has national awards on top of that!  He, himself, is no slouch. He will linebreed nicely into our herd, also bringing in the most consistent line Lucky Star has- their Ebony line, and the very consistent Quixote Monet.   Thank-you Don and Judi!  Vector's first kid crop is outstanding!  Son, Waldmeister,  went jr RCH at the District 8 (Calif) lamancha specialty. His first 2 daughters have freshened and are gorgeous.  he appears to be raising rear udder height, widening the arch a bit on one (the other already was wide) and smoothing out the fore - on damlines that really don't even need improvement there! He also appears to be sharpening them up some, as well as stamping in his exceptionally wide rear leg set/arch/rump.   Semen available for 5 for $100.  Vector has been sold, but we still have his semen and will be keeping some daughters.   We plan to use him again later via AI.  He is definately an udder buck!

Alpha Aug 2010

See yearling herdsire, Lucky Star Ry Alpha's you tube video (July 2011)

*B SG Lucky*Star's RY Alpha  1/28/10 DNA frosted   black and tan
Alpha is sold and here for reference.  Still very lovely and earned his SG!  3 years old now in 2013.   We have decided to keep a son that will help us tie back into our herd faster but still keep his excellent genetics running through our herd.
   ss- +*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach
s- *B Rockin-CB  KTL Yreka
   sd- SGCH Rockin-CB LSP Vinca 3*M
  ds- SGCH +*B Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill
d- SGCH Lucky*Star's Lot Xhibit 2*M  (4800# milk )  3+x BUIS, BOB   LA 92EEEE
  dd- GCH Lucky*Star's QM Noteworthy 1*M
2010 YS 0-08 VVE, V overall 
2011 1-06 88 VVE  way to go Alpha!
2012 2-04 88 VEV  still gorgeous!  Ec kids!
A pretty long buckling with nice rump and open to the rear with correct leg placement and set.  He is very uphill and nicely tight in the front end, also having beautiful breed character.   Another high quality pedigree, and nearly all fresh blood for us,  yet tying in back about 5 generations on much of our herd.  We'll be excited to use him for 2011 kids!   His dam has done well under tough competition, bringing in some Best udder of breed and Best udder in show awards, and at least one Best of Breed.  It's amazing that she can get those udder awards in even though she milks nearly as much as Rosine.   Just what we like...       His litttermate sisters have been shining in the showring for Lucky Star.   Accolade received her dry leg going GCH,  and Acclaim has received 3 BJDIS wins, easily earning her dry leg.  His full sisters appraised YS EC, and V in 2010. His yearling sister was LA88.    A very strong, consistent pedigree...  Thank-You to Don, Judi, and John for entrusting Alpha to us.
His first daughters are in (2011) and I want to keep them all (but I can't)!  So lovely, nice breed character, and looks like he will add some bone but keep flatness of bone where needed.   And sometimes he passes on some of his flashy frosting as well.  We have some of his sons for sale too- out of very lovely does.
Daughter Blau Enzian has earned a Best Jr Doe in Show over 94 doelings as a March kid.

Reference Bucks

5th All American Buckling 2002, Rede

*B Fir Meadow Mi Redemption L1224547 3/26/02 5th place All American buckling 2002 1-06 85 V+E,  3yo 1 GCH leg so far in 2005 in Calif.- District 8 Lamancha Specialty
  ss- +*B Jibarski Courier's Exclusive -sire 9- 91EEE
s- +*B Windstar Mitch 2-04 LA 87  see in reference
  sd- GCH Windstar Notta Shy Anne 2*M 3rd nats LA 90 2 x breedleader
  ds- +B Rocky Run Alex's Exclusive
d- GCH Rocky Run Ex Windsong 5*M 4- 90 VEEE 10000#
  dd- Rocky Run Dutch Essence 4*M
Rede looks like a masculine version of his lovely dam.  See her on the dam page- all of Windy's 4 gparents are GCH and ++*B grandsires.  Rede's first kid crop has already given us an rgch & 2 jr GCH.  Lovely dairy kids with high and wide escutcheons, nice toplines & rumps and leg sets....   First udders are improved in rear udder height, width and foreudder blending.  He is now owned and shown by Thomas Burke in CA.   I have a bit of extra semen I can sell.  Daughters GCH Shekkinah and LA 90 Timbrel are in the herd.  Hmmmm, may need to ai to get a 3rd one......

Song July 03

*B Fir Meadow Ph Song of Songs L  2/22/03 0-07 +VV, + good plus
s- *B Tempo Phillipe (see above) 2-10 89 VEE
d- GCH 5K's Melody *M, BDIS, LA 5- 92 EEEE see doe page
Song's dam, and sire,  have been very consistent in producing good type, so I'm very excited to be using him this fall! He has appraised higher than his sire did as a kid in this slower to mature line. Paternal sister Strawberi and full sister Tambourine in the herd.  His beautiful daughter, Tickle remains in our herd.  He now resides in the Modesto, Calif area. 

"Arnold" as a buckling

*B Fir Meadow Re Schwartznegger 4/5/03  cream  JR GCH x 2  0-05 VVEc, V overall
  ss- +*B Windstar Mitch 2- LA 87 (dam GCH/Bdldr/LA91) 
 s- *B Fir Meadow Mi Redemption , 1-06 85 V+E, 1 GCH leg in Lancaster CA at 3.
  sd- GCH Rocky Run Ex Windsong 5*M LA 90VEEE
  ds- +*B Windstar Mitch 2- LA 87 (dam GCH/Bdldr/LA91)
 d- GCH Fir Meadow Mi Rosine 2*M  2-05 LA 90 EEVE, BUOB, BOB
  dd- GCH Lucky Star QK Nasturium *M LA93EEEE, 3 x 3000#, Breedleader x 2, BDIS, BUOB, BOB
An exceptionally beautiful buckling as the result of marrying 2 consistent grandam lines and linebreeding on Gsire Mitch.  His dam was named Reserve All American milking yearling (tie) & got her GCH/LA 90 at only 2 years old.  Unfortunately Arnold did unhealable damage to a rear pastern in '04 so he has been retired from use.  We miss this sweet sweet guy..  Daughters  GCH (pending) Tinkerbell & Veronica, remain his legacy here.  His daughters have VERY fancy correct mammaries.   Maternal brother Tob V has taken his place in the herd.


Hmmmm.... What shall the Goat Stork bring in 2015???