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2013 -2014 Kids, Most for Sale

Nap time for the kiddos, April 2014

We have some 2014 bucklings and doelings for sale.  Scroll to the bottom for some 2013 bucks for sale.  They were too nice to castrate (Ec or VG from very nice dams) and are ready now for breeding and able to handle larger numbers of does than the bucklings will be able to this fall.

We appraised 13 kids in June of 2013- All Ec's and V's in every structural catagory and either EC overall or V overall.  We are VERY excited about the consistency our breeding program is bringing.  We also had a new 90 and a new 91 in the herd- both 3 year olds.
We appraised  9 kids in June of 2012-  All Ec's and V's in every structural catagory, not even one +.   Kids all Ec (5 of them) or V (4 of them).

2014 kids  Some are for sale


Fir Meadow Cori Else  (Elsa) 3/5/14  black and tan doeling  Retained
s- *B Fir Meadow Cor Coriander (dam Blau Enzian)
d- SG Fir Meadow Xon Yodel 7* M, 2 GCH legs
Really long, tall, solid boned yet dairy doeling that we are excited to watch mature as she combines all the best attributes of her pedigree.  Very correct (she just might be as close to a perfect goat as can be bred, of course awaiting that udder) . It looks like she's going to be quite a large doe similar to Rosine and she loves her human lap time.  Else's name is both German and Norwegian for noble. She is retained for our herd as her dam is getting older.

Enzian by Enzian

Fir Meadow Dnl Enzian 3/23/14 tricolor with large star  FOR SALE $600 SALE PENDING
s- *B Tempo Cai Daniel
d- SG Fir Meadow Alp Blau Enzian 4*M  first milk 2 wks fresh 7.5# in the morning milking
Really pretty long tall overall correct doeling with wide spacing between the hocks.   She is a black and tan with white markings from her dam and frosting from her sire line.   She has Lucky Star grandsires on both sides and some of the best of Tempo and Fir Meadow.


Fir Meadow Dnl Edelwiess 3/23/14  small star, black/tan doeling  Retained
s- *B Tempo Cai Daniel  (Lucky Star Cai x Tempo Hannah)
d- SG Fir Meadow Alp Enzian 4*M
We were really really pleased when Enzian presented us with beautiful doelings!  We think so highly of her that we have used her son in her breeding program and will now be using her grandson, Exclusive.   A beautiful, strong, smoothly blending doeling for us to watch mature.  I am extremely pleased with the Daniel kids and temperments.

Eve and Kat sharing a moment

Fir Meadow Cor Evening Primrose doeling 3/23/14 sungau 
s- *B Fir Meadow Cor Coriander (Courageous x Enzian)
d- GCH Fir Meadow Val Yarrow 5*M
Very correct and darling sungau doeling from her beautiful with best udder in show winning dam.  We love the smooth blending and rear leg set on this doeling as well as her huggability.   She has been purchased and will be moving to Idaho.   I have kept her littermate brother as a jr herdsire this year.   I absolutely love this doeling and she was a presale, that the buyer decided to get a milker from us instead,  so we are very pleased to have her staying in our herd.


Fir Meadow Dnl Elegance 3/30/14 black/tan doeling SALE PENDING
s- *B Tempo Cai Daniel (Ec in 2013)
d- Fir Meadow Cor Cherish 2*M
I love her dam so much that I was very excited to receive this active bundle of joy!  Ellee is just how I like them,  long, tall, elegant, stretchy and open with plenty of bone to be productive.  I'm excited, of course, to watch her mature.   Her littermate sister IS for sale because I don't need to keep both.

s- *B Tempo Cai Daniel (EC in 2013)
d- Fir meadow Cor Cherish 2*M
This doeling has a lot of who's who in Fir Meadow behind her- Valiant (LA91 (sire/dam LA91)), Rejoicing (LA91 dam 5K Melody LA92), Xochitl (LA92), Rosine(LA92), and Kastdemur's 'Goodie' the 2009 colorama doe we had purchased- 2nd at nationals that year.  Lots of who's who on the sire line too!

Emmie knows she's royalty ;)

Fir Meadow Dnl Emerald 3/31/14  chocolate with star FOR SALE $450
s- Fir Meadow Alp Goodie Delight (Extremely Correct 2013)
d- *B Tempo Cai Daniel (Extremely Correct 2013)
Oh what a beautiful and correct little Emmie doeling we have here and of course she has managed to worm her way into my heart.  Her mother freshened with another very beautiful mammary that milks well- 6 days fresh and already 3.2 # in 12 hours.  Emmie's dam is milking over 7#'s already just over 1 month fresh from the picture perfect udder that is full of milk tissue, not meaty tissue.
Emmie is the last 2014 doeling we will release for sale.  I am only selling her because I need to keep my herd small and managable.  I plan to keep her dam.

Duchess' sungau son

Duchess tricolor pinto son

Fir Meadow Dnl ___________  4/6/14 Sundgau Buckling FOR SALE $400
Fir Meadow Dnl____________4/6/14 trilcolor buckling FOR Sale  $400
s- *B Tempo Cai Daniel (Extremely Correct 2013)
d- Fir Meadow Crae Duchess (Very Good 2013)
Really pretty long and tall boys looking for working homes.  Duchess is a nice tall, long, flat boned and wide strong really really really (can you tell I like her?) pretty doe that also freshened with a lovely udder, easy to milk and extremely well behaved.  She is milking 7.7# at 39 days fresh with her milk at 4.9% butterfat and 3.5% protein.  She's definately a keeper! She goes back to our many times BIS SGCH LA 92 Whimsical that we miss so much and I believe she is a credit to her damline.  Next year we'll be looking for a doeling to keep from her.   These boys definately have genetic potential as well as being beautiful examples of the LaMancha breed.   I will have to get new photos of these boys- they ARE long,  I don't know what happened when the photos formatted for the web.  but then there is ALOT of things about puters and websites that I don't know :).


Our kids are well socialized.  We don't just dump lambars to them,  we hug them and play with them.


Stay tuned for kiddings and photos/video of the kids starting sometime at or just after Valentine's day.  Prices for preordered kids (ordered before they are born) are on the doe page.  By God's grace we sell out every year, if that happens to you we do take deposits year round on the next year's kid crop.   Prices generally increase on kids after they are born as their dams obtain additional records and maturity, and in first fresheners a mammary to evaluate.  We have one of the very few alternative herds that show, are on milk test, and participate in linear appraisal,  giving us the data we need to keep trying to develop better LaManchas.
Kids not yet born can still be preordered.   Prices are fixed on preorders as long as the kid meets my quality standards.  We require a $100 nonrefundable (unless your kid isn't born or isn't acceptable to me) to hold your kid.    Kids purchased after birth must be paid for in full at time of purchase with plans to pick them up or ship them (if they are still small enough to airship) within 2 weeks or 1/2 of purchase price plus any costs incurred (ie vet fees, etc) is forfeited back to the breeder.  All shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser- kennels, health certificates if air or interstate, and shipping cost. 
Definition of terms:
For sale means they are for sale.   Until I have a payment commitment on the way they are for sale.  Be aware that at times you will be the only one considering a specific kid,  or I can have as many as three people asking about the same kid within the same day or two.
On hold means that payment is supposed to be on the way.  In state purchasers (Oregon) I allow four days to receive payment, out of state up to 7 days.  Then kids are available for sale again if payment has not arrived.  To be sure we get your payment on time we have paypal and credit card options.  You will be charged an additional 3% to use these options, but they are available to you.  For credit cards we require a SIGNED invoice from you by mail to follow up the purchase before you are allowed to pick up your kid.  All payments MUST clear our bank before goats are released for transport.
Sale Pending means we have received payment in full and have a tentative transport date.
Sold means they have left the farm to their new owner.  Please note that we DO NOT release registration papers to anyone but the owner.  If you are not picking up the kid then they will arrive by mail once we have word from you that you have safely received the kid.    All risk of ownership passes to purchaser at time of tender to transporter or at kid pickup by owner or agent.

2013 Kids- Most are for sale as we are having to try to keep our herd very small.  VIDEOS and PHOTOS coming.  Just need to get them linked in...

Fir Meadow Alp _____________ 3/2/13
s- *B Lucky Star's Ry Alpha LA 88 at 2
d-  GCH Fir Meadow Val Yarrow 5*M LA 91EEEE BUIS
FOR SALE Clearance $450  long tall and beautiful! wide escutcheon arch on a  buck!

Beautiful big growthy Yarrow and Alpha sons.   Do you need efficiency but still want milk and butterfat?  Do you like solid build stock?   Take a look at these guys.  One is a dark almost mahagany, the other a black and tan.

See the Yarrow and Alpha sons on youtube by clicking here...

Fir Meadow Alp Dahlia   3/10/13   doeling   RETAINED
Fir Meadow Alp D________          buckling  FOR SALE  Clearance $500   overall Ec
s- Lucky Star's RY Alpha (dam SGCH LS Xhibit LA 92, many BUIS, BIS win,  4800# milk)
d- SGCH Fir Meadow Val Aiyana 4*M LA89 2yo score BUIS, 2x BDIS at 2!   4th generation SGCH.  All goats on her reg. papers are SGCH!
I am so very thankful for this doeling.  She actually has her granddam Xochitl's coloration.   As is so consistent with this line I hope she follows in this lines footsteps- lots of bis, buis LA 91 and higher all the way up (4th generation SGCH dam is 2yo score LA 89, see what this year brings).  The buckling, who is quite lovely,  I may also retain for our herd.

Our Aiyana buckling video, click here

Fir Meadow Crae D__________  black and tan with pinto leg markings   RETAINED  appraisal overall Ec  dob 3/18/13
s- Fir Meadow Crazy for Love Ec overall (Lucky Star's Ry Alpha x Kastdemurs It's Good to be Bad aka Goodie)
d- Fir Meadow Cor Cherish (Valiant, Rejoicing, Melody, Blessing, Zalvation, Xochitl, Rosine, Goodie)
This buckling is linebred on Goodie, the 2009 Colorama sale consignment by Kastdemur's.   I really really was hoping for a doeling to keep,  but we have a lovely, strong sound buckling that we have decided to hang onto.  He is kind of a who's who in Fir Meadow lines with lots of LA 90 and 91 and  92's  and BIS wins to back  him up.  And wow,  he really grabs the eye- so very correct and smoothly  blended makes him hard to miss.       His beautiful yearling dam,   Cherish,  freshened with a beautiful full of milk fancy udder, consistent with her line and will be retained in our show/milk string.

To see Cherish and Crae's linebred on Goodie beautiful buckling for sale click here.

Fir Meadow Alp D________  dob 4/6/13 black and tan  FOR SALE  $500
s- *B SG Lucky Star's RY Alpha LA 88 2yo score
d- Fir Meadow Tob V Aster 4*M LA 90 at 2 , LA 91 EEEE at 3!
Really pretty solid build buckling with lots of breed character.    I'm going to be reconsidering and thinking about whether to keep him or my Aiyana son.  Tough choice for sure...     He or my Aiyana son will be $750 once I figure out what I am doing.
WAtch his video below, a month old...

Click here to see the video on this beautiful boy :)


******************************************************************** www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwv8iLA30m8 for a video of the twins. These Amethyst daughters have been sold, but the video is fun to watch as they are quite silly.

If you missed your favorite breedings in 2014 it is not too early to place deposits for 2015.  Prices for kids are typically set in the fall, based on their dam and sire records.

Every good and perfect gift comes from Heaven above.