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CAE/CL/Johnes March 2015  ALL NEGATIVE per WADDL at Washington State University.

April 24, 2014    Washington State University for CAE, Johnes and CL.   All Negative.   This year we tested all goats that had been off our property for shows or whatever, including our purchased herdsire, Daniel.   Every other year we do an entire herd test whether they have left the farm or not.   Since our herd is smaller now we have added Johnes and CL testing just to have it on paper :).  Our herd has always been negative for CAE.  Our animals have always been negative for CL/Johnes when tested by others making purchases.

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Our humans get lots of hands on attention!


Welcome to our site!  Our LaMancha and Toggenburg dairy goats have been blessed with many national level milk, appraisal and show records.  They are alternatively raised, CAE Negative and productive, with most of the herd having high rolling averages for butterfat too.  Temperment is important and we receive many compliments.   The herd has acquired multiple Breed leader awards for milk, butterfat and protein, many best in show wins, many best udder in show wins, many LA 90+ (through LA 93), and many premier breeder and exhibitor awards at Oregon State Fair as well as other fairs.
Congratulations to Cassie Meade for making the  buck, Fir Meadow Vec Waldmeister a permanent grand champion at 6 years old, even sneaking in a Best in Show win down south in Central California.  Way to Go!
Way to go Sarah DelHotal for taking such good care of  Fir Meadow Tobv Yogi that he could earn an LA 91EEE at 4 years old!
Way to go Diana Ingle for getting two jr champions on the buckling Fir Meadow Cor Chickory in Red Bluff, CA!

2/16/2012  CAE Test WADDL   20 of 20 does tested,  all CAE Negative.  Our three bucks were not tested this year as they have not left the farm since 9 months before their 2011 CAE test for a show.  Our herd has tested all negative since herd inception in 1999.

Pet, Equine, Livestock, Poultry Herbal

Kat's Pet and Livestock Herb book IS available! Click here to read more or obtain it. It has been touted by an international herb instructor and school director as "destined to become one of the great herbals of the century." Learn how Kat takes care of her goats and other animals in all stages of life, including a very detailed birthing chapter and a milking stock chapter. Herbs, Essential Oils, and Herb products are discussed along with over 100 conditions. Larger 14 font print in the book for easier reading in the barn or for mature or tired eyes. Over 500 pages and 28 chapters, it is the first book of it's kind- literally.

Adorable Amethyst 2011 twin doelings

Every yearling freshened here (6) in 2011 have turned out BEAUTIFUL mammaries and milk.   We are very THANKFUL!   
Rosine,  2010 list Number 2 for milk production!   She is also 4th for protein and 10th for butterfat.   Way to go Rosine!  This is her 2nd year on the top ten list.  Her milk was at 4300 pounds with a peak at 20.2, and a 2nd month at 20.0.  Still milking 12 pounds in September.
Virtue is on the 2010 list at 4th for butterfat and 6th for protein.  Though she didn't top ten in milk,  we were very pleased with her 3330 pound lactation.

Hardly at Work, June 2010 Kat & Angel Baby

Wiese, Whimsical, Xochitl, Rosine - our dairy herd for 2009.  1st place sr get of sire for Valiant are the 3 on the left,   Best 3 Females would be the 3 black/black and tan goats....

Dairy Herd 2009

Oregon State Fair, September 7, 2009
Big classes, tough competition (nationals breeders present), but fun people and a good day....
Toggenburg highlights-
2nd with Dinky (in a huge class),   1st and 1st udder with Virtue (judge commented she would be 2nd overall togg udder).   CeCe and Joy - 1 was 6th and 1 was 7th (results are still buried in my tack box)...
Lamancha highlights-
Zelia was 2nd place march kid
Zemira was about 4th march kid
Yodel was 2nd dry yearling
Goodie was 1st dry yearling
RGCH went to Yodel,  GCH to Goodie !   We didn't have any kid group entries.
Yarrow was 2nd, I think 2nd udder
Xochitl was 2nd, 2nd udder
Whimsical was 1st, 1 udder
Rejoicing was 5th
Tickle was 2nd
Timbrel was 4th
Rosine was 1, 1 udder
GCH to Whimsical
BOB to Wiese
1sts in Dairy Herd (Rosine, Whimsical, Wiese, Xochitl), Best 3 females (Ros/Whim/Wiese), Sr Get of Sire- Wiese, Whimsical, Xochitl.
2nd- produce- Wiese and Xochitl for Rosine
2nd- dam/daughter-  Rosine/Wiese
Supreme Best 3 Females in show-  the lamanchas- Rosine, Whimsical, Wiese  (like a breeder's trio)...

Congratulations to Whimsical, Valiant and Tickle!   2008 All American winners- Whimsical All American 2 year old, Valiant reserve All Am 3 year old, Tickle and Whimsical reserver All Am produce of dam for sgch Rockin CB Soon Schemer.  Valiant is a Monsoon son (soon) and Whimsical is a Valiant daughter so you see a lot of consistency here.


Newest CAE test results per WSU.  2/5/09 -  Negative
We've been Negative since herd inception in 1999 and test annually.  This includes our toggenburgs as well as our lamanchas.

Airshipping is available until kids are too large (55 lbs)  to ship :O). Usually the cheapest way to ship kids unless you can get on a private (not commerical) ground transport....  Definately the least stressful/fastest way to ship....   Plan to airship by May if possible,  but 4 to 5 weeks of age is even better,  usually they can ship a bit cheaper in a smaller kennel.

We believe in Milk and Show!
2007 Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor LaManchas, Oregon State Fair
9 Best In Show Adga ribbons won in 2007- 4 for toggs & 5 for lamanchas in Calif and Oregon.   2008 has 5 Best In Show Adga ribbons by August- on 1/2 of the show schedule of last year!
3rd on the West Coast (via Calif DHIA) rolling milk averages in milk strings sized 17 to 30 goats for the 2007 lactation! 
We are now raising our kids on raw colostrum and raw milk.   Before you gasp, consider these things...   Our herd has been CAE Negative since herd inception with annual testing via WSU, and has never shown any symptoms for cl or mycoplasma, or johnnes (I'm so paranoid of johnnes that I won't even let another ruminant on our farm and am picky about my hay not being grown on winter pasture)...  About  2005, when  Quixote went to raw,  I asked some questions, then watched and considered some more.   Quixote mentioned to me that they saw very increased lung health in kids,  much higher coccidia resistance, and faster growth rate in kids.  I already knew we lost nutrients and enzymes by pastuerizing, so after a couple more years of neg tests and watching the herd we have taken the raw milk plunge.   We will continue to test the herd annually, as well as taking our usual biosecurity precautions.   We can already attest to the the faster growth rate of kids - gaining 15 to 17 lbs per month instead of just 10 (which still showed up as growthy kids in the ring!) and they are quite a bit more sturdy and energetic- not that our previous litters had health issues,  I'm just amazed that we can already see quite a bit of difference just in a few short weeks! We also are seeing less coccidia problems, less lung problems, and a faster response to herbal treatment than before.   We're liking these raw raised kids...  They are now taping in at 70 to 80 #'s at 5 - 5 1/2 months of age. Wow.  More than ready to breed at 7 months old...
   Ground shipments are possible from our location. www.Zeiglerlivestocktransport.com , Russ Edgar,  and others drive right by within minutes of our house on their west coast routes so shipping is easy to arrange with them pending space availability.  We require that animals and health certs must be PREPAID and payment cleared before we obtain health certificates or release them for transit.  Please allow extra lead time (3 weeks) If you live in a state that requires TB and Brucellosis testing (at your expense) as it takes time to mail the Bruc. to a lab and for them to get the results back to our veterinarian- not usually a fast process.   TB testing takes 72 hours to complete and requires two veterinarian visits to the farm.   If you have any questions please feel free to ask.   Really the easiest and often cheapest way to ship is still to airship kids at around a month of age, but obviously, that does not work for older animals.

Shipping notes:
USDA Voice Response Line:  1-800-545-8732  To find out up to date shipping requirements for importing animals into your state.  Touch tone phone required.
Delta Pet's First  www.delta.com  1-888-736-3738
Skywest 1-800-258-2208
Alaska Air/Horizon www.alaskaair.com 1-800-225-2752
Northwest www.nwa.com  1-800-692-2746
We have used all of these with good results.
Bloodtests Including CAE, Johnnes, CL 
WADDL (WA Animal Disease & Diagnostics Lab)
Shipping Address:
College Station/Bustad Hall Room 155N
Pullman, Wa 99165
You can submit one 3ml (cc) red topped test tube and they can run all 3 tests from one.  
Handling your blood sample for the above tests:
Clearly label your tubes with a permanent marker like a sharpie.
Draw your sample (later on I'll put in photo instructions on how I do that).  Put into 3mm vacuum red topped tube labeled with goat's id.  My tubes are given to me for free by my veterinarian.  The labs supply my vet for free.
Let sample sit at room temperature for 6 to 8 hours or until it clots.  You may see clear serum separating.  This is ok.  Now refrigerate.
Prepare a box or sometimes I used a padded mailer.  Put groups of tubes together,  put in a ziplock baggie,  and bubble wrap them good.
Give WSU (WA State University) written instructions on who to bill & send results to,  an animal list by the id you have written on the tubes,  animal type, and tests you want run.
If you can have your samples to WSU by Wednesday they run their tests on Thursdays.  You can call that afternoon for results, followed by a hardcopy in your mail.  It takes about a week after that to get your CL results.
Call them for current rates.   This is very affordable insurance for the protection and management of your herd.

Plasticrates  1-800-255-6279    Order your crates in bulk and save your customer's money!   No website,  call for current price list.

Felda celebrating spring!

Aiyana, August 2012, finished!

Congratulations to SGCH +*B Fir Meadow Soon Valiant LA 91 EEE for being named the 2010 Complete buck with the American Lamancha Club.  
 Congratulations to SGCH Fir Meadow Mi Rosine 2*M LA 92EEEE for being named the 2010 Reserve Complete doe with the American Lamancha Club.  
The complete awards are for animals that are outstanding in the breed and that have produced progeny that themselves are also doing well for the breed in milk, show, and linear appraisal.    We thank God for the contributions these two hard working goats have made for the lamancha breed.

Jerry & Pyr Nov 09

April 2009, 4yo Virtue pictured

Congratulations to Rosine- what a  banner year for her- preliminary list breed leader, LA 92 EEEE, this year's peak lactation at 20.2 (her highest ever) and being awarded at the 2009 ADGA National show for highest lifetime milk, butterfat, and highest 305 milk awards for the lamancha breed.   She also has three permanent champion children in this year- 1 buck and 2 milkers...
Announcing our 2009 ADGA Colorama Sale purchase,  the 2nd place at Nationals dry yearling,  Kastdemur's Its Good to Be Bad .   She does have a bjdis win in as a kid, and is a beautiful combination of strength with dairy character...   We are pleased to have Goodie home.  Thank-You to the Senn family for placing her in the sale, and doing such a nice job of raising her!  Thank-You to God for allowing us to buy her!

Now I lay me down to sleep....

2008 Oregon State Fair
LaMancha Premier Breeder,  LaMancha Premier Exhibitor, Supreme Best LaManacha Udder
GCH to Tickle,  BOB for a 2nd year in a row to Rosine :O).   Nasturium again walked the parade for the most productive lamancha- over 22,000 lifetime pounds now of milk.  
Firsts taken in nearly every class, and in every group class....
Our teeny togg herd did good as well- RGCH on Freedom,  some 1sts,   the GCH jr doe was Xaviere- a doeling we sold to a 4Her last year.  1st produce of dam with Virtue & Freedom...
We showed only about 1/2 of the shows as previous years- due to school, diesel prices, and yes, hay prices.   The herd still garnered 5 Best in Show wins, finished 3 goats, and numerous GCH legs...  We thank the Lord for His blessings...
Rosine is working on a top ten milk record- she is at 182 2780#s so far.   Stay tuned and find out what she finishes at....  Only the Lord knows right now if she'll get it or not....

2 x Best Buck in Show- 2008!

Without a doubt, this is the best buck we have ever owned... Now SGCH with two Best Buck in Show awards at only 3 years old, and LA 91EEE and  now +B!   Look at Valiant's Senior Get!  First Fresheners: Whimsical 9 days fresh, Worthyof Praise 6 days, Wiese 8 days.  3 damlines.  We've seen or have reported to us 9 udders/6 damlines so far- all fancy.   march 2008 picture  first test results are showing that they are about 1% higher in butterfat than their dams as well.... Rolling average butterfat showing 4.99% for the highest daughter, with more over 4% rolling average.

Whimsical, Praise, Wiese March 2008

Our toggenburgs also have been blessed by God and have also gotten best udder in show, best in show, breedleader, up to LA 92EEEE and All American awards.  . . Unfortunately due to inadequate demand we no longer have toggenburgs though I do miss them a lot.

Sales lists are ready to order your kids!

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Spotlight:   Our 2004 nomination, a lamancha doeling, was sold at the Spotlight sale in Albuqurque.  Trillium has earned her GCH dry leg for her new owners. Udate 2008: Trillium is now 4 years old and got GCH at Tennesee State Fair (600 goats entered, I don't know how many lamanchas), she was 2nd in the champion challenge lineup.  Way to go Trilly and Kathy Watson DVM for her care!  Update 2012 (though the news is from about 2009 or 2010).  Trilly has had at least two Best of Breed wins at state fairs, has been LA 90, and has had at least two lactations in over 3000#.  Congrats Trilly and Kathy and Dween.
We can plan to ground transport.   We are  near I-5 and can transport into Calif and into WA.  Reasonable shipping charges with health papers required.   
Currently we airship at buyers cost from Medford Oregon and do allow and encourage prearranged farm pickups.   Many blessings!

Our farm is above the neighbor's red barn......

2007 BOB, GCH, & BIS Doe Ribbons

February 2009 100% CAE Negative Herd, WSU

I'm MORE Good than Bad!!!

  Our lamancha herd began in Sequim, Wa,  only 20 minutes away from Lucky Star.   So it was only natural to start our herd with some of Don & Judi's beautiful lamanchas.  Since then we have added many top Northwest bloodlines via herdsires & a few key foundation does,  giving us what we have at the present.  For 6 1/2 years we lived in snow country in the North Cascade mountains in Twisp, WA and our milk and show herd was developed under the tough (but friendly) Washington show competition. Since June 2006 we are situated in the beautiful Siskiyou mountains of Southern Oregon (we are just minutes from I-5 for those who would like to visit!). 

We are careful about the care of our herd,  feeding excellent quality feeds, and using natural medicine for prevention/treatment where possible.  Our growthy kids and the herd's production attest to their upkeep.  Our herd is tested annually for CAE through WSU and is NEGATIVE since herd beginning in 1999.

If what you see interests you we can be contacted via email,  or snail mail:  PO Box 324 Carlsborg WA 98324 (we are conveniently located between Sequim and Port Angeles!).  We typically sell buck kids and doelings all over the US. and several breeders have driven from Canada and as far as the midwest to pick up Fir Meadow animals for pleasure, their show herd or their dairy.

Many blessings!   Jerry and Kat

We are now taking kid deposits on the next kid crop.  Exciting breedings are planned with many repeats!